In the State of South Carolina, Buyers and Sellers have the right to choose their own attorney. Should we be representing the Seller(s), we will be working diligently to protect your interests and be sure that all procedures are followed in order to proceed to settlement.

Day of Transaction

In our county, it is routine/normal practice that funds are not released until the Deed is recorded at the courthouse. Once all documents are signed by both parties, the Buyer(s) attorney will typically disburse proceeds once notification has been received that the update of title is complete and the Deed is recorded. Keys are not released to the property until this has been completed.

This Buyer(s) attorney will follow the instructions provided on the Disbursement Authorization you complete at time of closing.

This is our office procedure, however, we have no controls over the attorney that represents the

Should you have questions regarding the disbursement, you may contact our offices.

If the Seller is an LLC, please download this form, it lists the required documentation in order to close.

Seller Forms

  Seller Closing Information

  Seller's Affidavit